Sunday, August 5, 2012

Become Like Little Children: Meek, Patient, Humble...

My little 4 pound baby is now eight. What a wonderful and sacred milestone. He has been so excited to be baptized. For the last month: "Mom, I just wish I could be baptized right now." Makes me feel bad. I don't remember being that excited. I thought parents are to teach their children, not the other way around. I am truly blessed to have such a tender-hearted son. 

We went out to buy his "missionary" outfit to wear after the baptism. 

 After the baptism, we had friends and family over for dinner and not cake, but a large cookie. It's what Jacob wanted: sloppy joes and a big cookie instead of cake. Fine by me. Whatever my baby wants, my baby gets.

Can you tell that he loves the Utes? He is also super excited to be in cub scouts. He got his uniform for his birthday. That's my sweet angel straight from heaven. Life is good. 


The Anderson's said...

Looks like it was a beautiful day! Love all the Ute stuff! We need a cookie like that for our tailgates:)