Monday, July 22, 2013

End of School Year Party

I love for my kids to have fun. When do they have the most fun? When we do cheap, at home parties with friends. What better time to have a party than the end of the school year! Jacob finished 3rd grade. Ben finished his second year of preschool. He starts kindergarten in the fall. Time goes by way too fast, and I am enjoying every minute of it with my little family.

We hooked up the kids' car wash. The neighborhood kids brought their scooters and bikes to ride through it. We also put a sprinkler under the trampoline for more entertainment. Pizza and Popsicles were most definitely enjoyed by all!

I put Jacob and Ben in charge of picture taking so I could keep a closer eye on all the kids. What you see is what you get...


Random Pics of Jacob and Ben

Here are some random pictures of Jacob and Ben. The one of Jacob is from a Pack Meeting. Ben's picture is from Park City over Memorial Day. What can I say. The kid loves chips.



We went bowling the night before leaving NC to come home to Utah. My kids adore bowling. Me? Meh, not so much. My favorite is watching my boys have fun and enjoy being kids. What can I say, I'm a sucker for my boys. I never knew I would love having boys so much. I wouldn't have it any other way!

I love Ben (in the hat). Is he not precious. And Jacob's fun personality is wonderful to watch. There's a picture of my momma, and one of Guy Smiley, aka Marty!


North Carolina Fun and Ford's Birthday

We went to North Carolina back in April for Spring Break. It had been three years since I have seen my parents. The last time I saw them was when I dropped them off at the MTC for their mission to Singapore. 

It was nice to go home. I love Charlotte. I love the slow, laid-back lifestyle. I love manners and southern hospitality. I love the food.

My oldest sister Kim, her husband Russell, and their brood of 3: Mia, Larson, and Ford came down from Virginia for the week. Andy, my brother, and his life Linsey, along with their 2 girls Lyla and Hannah, also came over; Andy was finishing up his MBA at Wake Forest at them time. It was fun to see the cousins play together and have fun. 

Here are some pictures of Ford's 3rd birthday.