Tuesday, April 14, 2009

At Last . . .

Life has been busy in the Asay household. As I try to reflect on exactly why we've been busy, it's hard to pinpoint one specific reason. The weather has been beautiful lately. Hence we've been outside quite a bit. In fact, Jacob learned how to ride his bike sans training wheels. He is so excited and such a big boy at the ripe old age of four.

Ben still refuses to talk. He understands what we say to him; in fact, he'll do his "chores" of pushing his laundry basket to the laundry room and clean up his toys. When I tell him it's time to go night-night, he runs to his room and stands at his crib. He runs to the bathroom when it's time to get in the tubby. I just don't remember Jacob taking such a long time to talk. Oh well, he'll talk when he has something important to say. Marty keeps reminding me that he didn't talk until he was three; Ben is only 17 months.

I am back to being a blond. Marty hated my nine-month stint as a brunette. I must admit that I like being blond better than a brunette. It's just fun to switch up the ol' hairdo and keep people guessing.

My little baby brother is now officially a daddy. He and Linsey had Lyla on Easter Sunday. She is very cute. The Larson family is expanding. Of course I'm curious if Andy and Linsey are going to have all girls and then a boy at the very end like my parents did. I must admit it is fun having four sisters close in age; we have the best time when we get togeter. And Linsey fits in perfectly with us.

Back to my favorite subject -- my kids. Jacob continues to amaze me with how smart he is. I'm not saying he is future president of the Mensa society. It is just touching to me how strong his little testimony is. He loves church; he loves to learn about Jesus and the prophets. He loves prayer and faith. According to him, he can't wait to get the priesthood when he turns twelve. I just love talking with him.

Jacob also loves all things volcano. His favorite shows are Mega Disasters and Modern Marvels. It's cute to hear his pronounce them "Dega Denasters" and "Modern Marbles." He loves Krakatoa, Mauna Loa, Kiluea, Mt. St. Helens. He loves magma, lava, tectonic plates, hot spots. vents, calderas, etc. He is so fun to watch.

Here are some random pictures for all. Enjoy!