Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of the Last Year of Preschool

This is my last year of preschool for my kids. My baby will turn 5 in November, then it's off to "teaser school" for Ben. What's teaser school? It's Utah's version of Kindergarten. Little darlings get to go to school EVERYDAY Monday-Friday (finally!). But alas, the joy is short lived, because it is only 3 hours long. Really? We had all day Kindergarten in NC. Oh well. Not every place can be as perfect as the South.

Ben, unlike his brother Jacob, has been so extremely excited for preschool to start. His first day was yesterday. He woke up this morning and asked "is esery (every) day going to be a blast at preschool?" Melt my heart child. Love that little munchkin. Here are a few pictures of him with only of his school friends who lives across the cul-de-sac from us.


First Day of Third Grade

We had the most enjoyable summer vacation. I love having my boys home with me. I love those little darlings so much. I was sad to see the first day of school roll around. Jacob was also. He got the butterfly stomach this past weekend, and complained more than once that he was nervous and was not going to have a good year. I remember feeling that was growing up too. I told that was normal. Every kid is nervous for school. Marty and I stayed upbeat and positive about the third grade. We both said that 3rd grade was our favorite. It was the best: multiplications tables, long division, learning to write cursive. 

I stayed outside on the playground with Jacob the first day, waiting to line up for class. As Jacob and I got ready to say good-bye, we heard several other students say they were nervous. One boy even said his tummy felt nervous. This made Jacob smile and know that he wasn't the only one feeling this way. 


Temple Open House

Marty and I took the boys to the Brigham City Temple open house last week. It was awesome. The temple is so beautiful. Jacob really enjoyed it too. Ben got tired. Those little legs had to climb a lot of stairs. But what fun we had taking pictures outside the temple. And a trip to Brigham City wouldn't be complete without lunch at Maddox. I'm glad our tour was early, the 9:45 am tour. We were able to walk right in to Maddox before the mad rush for lunch. It was packed. 

The Parrs were able to meet up with us. I had worked the night before. I was so tired but so in awe of the serene beauty.  

Go Fish!

Marty indulged the boys and me and took us fishing. It's not as simple as Opie made it seem in Mayberry. It entailed not only buying the paraphernalia, but buying a license AND putting the blasted poles and fishing line and reels together. I'm glad the boys had a blast, because it did Dad and Mom in; we haven't been back to the fishing hole.

The boys really liked chasing the ducks around too. The simplicity of childhood. I remember fishing with my dad when we went to Grandpa Larson's cabin up in Banner Elk. I LOVED it. I think I just need to get used to it again.