Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas everyone. I'm just blogging, killing a few minutes before tackling Christmas Dinner. The prime rib is in the oven, and the rolls are rising. I just need to make myself finish the rest. Here are some fun pictures of the boys checking their loot from Santa. Love them!


Christmas Eve

Every year, we spend Christmas Eve with Marty's family. It's traditions. Each family brings their favorite appetizer to share. This year, we brought "Italian Pasta Salad on Skewers." Oh my yummy. We put olives, cheddar cheese, fresh mozzerella, salami, cucumbers, tomatoes, and cheese tortellini on each skewer. Then I marinated the skewers in Italian dressing over night. All the kids then open their gifts from G'ma and G'pa Asay. Then the adults get to exchange white elephant gifts. We had so much fun shooting the breeze and eating all the yummies everyone brought.


Ogden Christmas Village

We went to the Ogden Christmas Village last Friday. We go every year, and we all enjoy it. However, we left the house a little late, and I had 2 hungry kids. We got to the village and literally walked up one sidewalk, turned around, took 3 pictures, and walked back to the car. Jacob was so hungry he was crying and complaining. So off to Sandy's in Ogden we went. We love eating dinner and a hot fudge cake for dessert each year after our pilgrimage to the Christmas Village.


Jacob's Piano Recital

Jacob started taking piano lessons in September. His teacher is Nann Shaw in Kaysville. She is amazing. I don't know how she does it. Jacob is starting to love playing the piano. It used to be like pulling teeth to get him to practice, but lately, I haven't had to nag. Yeah for us! We have another musician in the family.


Ben's Preschool Program

Ben had his Preschool Christmas program. And this year, he finally sang and did the hand motions with each song. I love my little Ben. He is so cute. I hope you think so too!


My Silly Boys

One night a few weeks ago, Marty went to bed at 9:00. The rest of us were not tired. So the boys showed me how to do sit ups. They loved it. Then they got goofy and laughed and laughed. I loved that. There is no other sweeter sound in the world to me. I love my children, and I love their innocence and smiley faces.


Gingerbread Houses

We had our annual Gingerbread House making FHE a few weeks ago. Okay. Maybe it was three weeks ago. Not that it really matters. 

It's about time Costco starting carrying pre-assembled Gingerbread house kits. All we had to do was add some extra icing and decorate. Ta Da. All done.

The kids had a blast. They decorated, and then played had games. You know the old school "Say Say Old Playmate..." They had a blast doing that. They just had fun being around each other.