Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Greatest Fun Spot

Jenny and the boys have rekindled their affair with Cherry Hill this year. After a seemingly endless winter, the weather has finally turned to summer and the season passes are starting to pay themselves off!

Last night we took the kiddies over to Cherry Hill and had a great time. Jake is a fish, Ben loves to splash and Marty and Jenny love seeing the twinkle in their eyes. Priceless.

This is more of a photo post, so enjoy seeing our cute kids!

Here's Ben trying to get a handle on his new finger foods. He kept this "Cheerio" on his tongue forever!

Here's an extreme closeup - Jake took this one himself!

Jake took this one too!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


We took the kids on the Frontrunner last Friday. The Frontrunner is the commuter train that goes from North Ogden to downtown Salt Lake. We had a great time. Jacob loved watching us pass all the cars on I-15. The train goes 90 miles per hour. It is super fast!

We walked from the Salt Lake train station to the Gateway. We had California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. Yummy. Ben was so good. He squealed the entire trip. He loved looking out the window of the train.

Jacob wore himself out. He started falling asleep at the dinner table that night. He said he needed to lay down for a few minutes. Jacob NEVER gets tired. He NEVER likes to go to sleep. Yet there he was asleep on the couch. How cute.