Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Power Wheels Dune Buggy

I have been wanting to get the boys a Power Wheels vehicle for some time now. Toys R Us finally had a decent sale AND I had a $55 off coupon. We took the boys last Saturday to pick out the one they wanted. They had done their chores and treated each other kindly for oh two minutes, so we decided to reward them. They were able to choose the one they wanted. There was a John Deer 2-seater with a large cargo area in the back, a Jeep Hurricane, and a Ranger. They chose the Dune Buggy. Lucky for Marty and me, it was half the price of all the others. We were more than thrilled with their decision.

We decided to forgo the $25 assembly charge and put it together ourselves. Ha! What a laugh. After some tense moments and frustrated nerves, Marty, my sister Kellie and I unveiled our handiwork. The boys were more than a little disappointed when we told them they would have to let the battery charge for 24 hours. According to Jacob, "24 hours is longer than a week."

Exactly twenty-four hours later, the boys were in heaven. Of course the bliss only lasted one minute, because then they argued over whose turn it was to drive. I tell ya. Parents can never win.

Spring Weather and DSi?

We finally have beautiful, warm, sunny Spring weather. It's the perfect setting for my boys to play outside. Jacob invited his friend Tyler over to play. And what do you think the little darlings decide to do on such a gorgeous day? Sit in a chair and play their Ninetendo DSi's. What? Are you serious Jacob? Here is the proof:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Friends and Computer Games

It's been spring break this week for Jacob. He has been bored since we got back from St. George. He invited one of his friends, Ethan from church, to come and play today. They have had a blast inside and outside. They really like playing Andkon on dad's computer. Ben just likes looking at pictures on the computer. I don't get it, but Ben loves to wear his helmet ALL the time. How cute, how Ben!

Spikey Hair and Moon Boots

What does this entry mean, you say? Well, the boys have discovered yet again how they can make their thick, coarse hair "spiky" with their new hair gel. I bought the hair gel the last time I got the boys' hair cut. It was marked 60% off and it smells AWESOME! Since Marty shave his head now, he has no need for hair products. I told the boys it was for them to have spiky hair. One application and they are hooked. They had on their cartoon character jammies and their snow boots. They put the boots on to get the camera out of my car. Here is our impromptu photo shoot!

The New Wheels

I got a new car. A white Mazda CX-9. I love it. The boys really love it. It has the rear entertainment system, complete with a few wireless headphones so I can listen to my tunes while the boys watch their movies. Fun times indeed. Just check out the picture of Jacob!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today Is Your Birthday, Shout "Hooray!"

Happy birthday to the most wonderful husband and best friend in the world. I love you Marty, and hope you had a wonderful number 37! It's been a wonderful ten years with you. I hope you had fun today. I love you and am so grateful you are in my life!

Marty woke up to ten inches of snow in celebration of his special day. After he cleared the driveway, I took Marty and the boys to Granny Annie's for birthday breakfast. It's a favorite of everyone in the Asay household.

He was then off to work. The boys and I made him a cake. We (i.e. JENNY) made homemade beef stew, his mom's yummy recipe. It cooked all day in the oven. I also made homemade wheat bread (including fresh-ground wheat) for the birthday dinner. After presents, yummy cake and ice cream were had by all. Enjoy the pictures. I snuck a few pictures in of Ben eating pistachios, his new favorite form of protein. I guess there are worse things he could prefer.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

St. George #2

WARNING: Lots and lots of pictures!!

Jacob quickly rebounded from his bout of tummy flu by the next morning, complete with eating a huge bowl of cereal. I, however, was not so resilient. I felt "icky" all Thursday. Bummer. However, everyone was back to normal by Friday. Jordan and Jacie, who are two of Jacob and Ben's cousins, came down Friday along with their parents. Grandma and Grandpa Asay joined us, too. Aunt Jill and Curtis had also come for the fun weekend. Grandma and Grandpa Asay did an Easter egg hunt for the kiddies and a YUMMY steak cook-out. After dinner, the kids got to color Easter eggs. Lots of fun and food were had by all.

We just got home this afternoon. It sure is good to be home and I am so looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. I am so thankful for my family, including my extended family. I love them and all they do for us. I am truly blessed.