Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ben's Dental Work

For those of you who have not heard, Ben's teeth suck. They are horrible rotten teeth. We brush his teeth very well. However, he has genetically inferior teeth. That being said, we had to get not one, but TWO of his back molars capped. Yes, my baby has 2 silver teeth. Baby teeth. That will fall out by the time he is 12-13 years old. 

He did get valium from the dentist prior to the work. This video shows Ben five minutes after getting oral sedation!

I hope the link works. Let's cross our fingers! 

Annual Gingerbread FHE

Last night was our 4th annual gingerbread house decorating FHE. I made dinner for everyone. It was peasant fare: scalloped potatoes with ham, brussels sprouts, and spinach salad. I had to make something with leftover ham. It was yummy.

We get our houses from Costco. And they FINALLY got smart and pre-assembled the houses. That way, we get to do the fun decorating part without the hassle of trying to get the house to stay upright. 

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. For those of you wondering about Grandma's fashion-forward brace: she had back surgery/rods placed a few months ago, and this is the brace to keep back supported during the healing process. 

A Charlie Brown Christmas

We decorated for Christmas on Thanksgiving weekend. We have always had an artificial tree. Waste not, want not. However, I really wanted a real live tree this year. I love the smell of a Christmas tree. But I didn't want a fat and full tree. I wanted a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. We went to the tree lot. All I saw were big, fat, full trees. However, I walked towards the end of the lot. A glorious light shone down on the most humble little tree. I fell in love. I introduce the Asay Christmas Tree:

 I thank Jacob for the pictures. I also put my nativity scene up. Thank you Jacob and Ben for "decorating" it with chocolate Christmas ornaments.


Ben's Birthday

We celebrated Ben's birthday for an entire week. I love birthday weeks. It gives me even more opportunities to flower my kiddies with attention, hugs, and kisses.

We did the ghetto of all ghetto "restaurants." Chuck E. Cheese. But hey, the kids had fun and that's what matters.


We had a small family Thanksgiving this year. Just Marty, Jenny, Jacob, and Ben. We had Jenny's sister Kellie and Cassie, Marty's second cousin, also. Jacob LOVES Cassie. She was such a good sport to play endless hands of UNO and go on a bike ride with Jacob. 


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ben's 4th Birthday

My baby is now four. I am so sad. I love this kid, his lisp, his smile, his eyes, and everything about him. I love him!  We got a picture of Uncle Don wearing the Birthday boy hat!

 All Ben wanted for his birthday was flowers on his cake. Really? So I made his cake from a box. Marty called Harmons and had them make the flowers for the top. He was beyond thrilled. Thank you Harmon's in Farmington!

Trick or Treat Time

There's not much to say about this post. Jacob was a U of U fan; Ben was the Go Cougars fan. I find it hard to spend money on costumes that my kids will only wear once. This way, they can wear their costumes all winter long!

 They are still working on eating their candy. I swear that Halloween is a conspiracy formed by dentists. Gees!

It's Autumn Time

Ben is a pack rat. Not really, but he sure does like to take everything in a room (shoes, toys, books, laundry baskets, odds and ends, etc) and put it in one HUGE pile. Why? So that his trucks have some "dirt" to traverse. The wonderful imaginings of a little boy. Here's proof:

 I asked the boys to please do their creative playtime outside. They were outside 2 seconds, came running in, and asked if they could use the rakes. Sure, knock yourselves out. Here's what I found when I went outside. Sheer childhood delight!

I then had to get the obligatory poses with our pumpkins. The second counselor in the bishopric, Brother Green, gave Ben the huge pumpkin. According to Ben, it will "make lots of pies!"