Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snow in Utah FINALLY!

It has finally snowed in Utah. Yes. Finally. My boys were quick to build jumps/ramps on which to sled at the local park. Ha! These kids crack me up. Sorry the pictures are blurry and hard to see. Trust me, there were many squeals of happiness and delight -- the best sounds to this mom's ears!


The Pied Piper

Last week, Jacob said his favorite part of music day at school was the talent show. Really? Okay. I then asked him why he liked the talent show. He said he was going to borrow "daddy's flute" and play a beautiful song. Me, trying to not choke on my cereal, said that dad does play nor own a flute. Jacob was quick to reply that yes, dad does have a flute. Jacob had been referring to the plastic brown recorder Marty had leftover from his childhood. Ha ha ha! My very own Pied Piper! Plus a few pictures of my favorite 4-year old boy Ben!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Birthday Party Fun

Jacob was invited to a surprise birthday party for one of his classmates Alec. It was held at a gym in Syracuse. The boys all got to jump in the trampolines, run down the mats and jump into the foam pit at the end of the runway. The hit of the party was the harness/bungee cord bouncy thing. I will try to upload the videos from my phone. Wish me luck! I give up. I can't figure out why my pictures won't rotate correctly. I have literally spent 20 minutes trying to edit them. My brain is now mush. Here's the best I can do. I'll have to try the videos later. Gees!!!

A House Divided

As most of you know, the Asay house is a house divided. I am a BYU graduate and Marty is a Utah graduate. His heart lives for the Utes. He comes by this weakness honestly; his dad (the most wonderful father-in-law a girl could ask for) is a Crimson Club member. In fact, the entire Asay family is Utah through and through. Jacob takes after his dad. He loves the Utes. He has been fortunate enough to attend the football and basketball games with his grandpa Asay. What a thrill for him. Thank you Dave for creating such fond memories for my sweet boy Jacob. In salute to Jacob's Utah passion, I turned his room into the Utah fan's dream. Here is proof:

Because I have lived a righteous and worthy life, I have also been blessed with my little Benjamin. He is a "Go Cougars" fan. It's hard to hold fast to the iron rod. But my little four-year-old has decided to CTR (choose the right). He says that people who do not make good choices "choose the left." For example, Utah fans "choose the left" according to Ben. I rewarded Ben with his righteous decision to be a BYU fan and turned his room into the Cougar Den:

The Fat Head logos will be ordered as soon as I can afford them. But I have compensated by adding the cute Rocket Ship ceiling fan. 

I love my family. I love Marty, Jacob, and Ben. We are so blessed. I'll end this post with a picture of a picture of my darling little angels and a few pictures of Marty and Ben snuggling on the couch: