Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!!

This was a different Halloween at our house this year. Ben got into the Transformers several months ago. The he say the Avengers. Then he could talk about nothing more than Hawkeye or Iron Man, even Captain America on occasion. 

Jacob wanted NOTING to do with trick or treating. He got spooked last year by an adult dressed as the Grimm Reapper, following all the little ones around the neighborhood. According to Jacob, he didn't want to dress up at go get candy. He stayed home with Marty while I took Ben around. 

Ben Finally decided that he would be Iron Many. Yes. At least we were ready to conquer the candy world. He stock up. He got all the fun candy. Yeah. for at least one of my angels wanted to do what every parent really wishes he or she could do.

Here are the pictures of Iron Man (Ben), UTE fan (Jenny), and the Cougar Fan (Marty):