Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Baby Is Gone

We sold my baby. My Murano is now gone. We want an SUV with a third row seat. Now I'm in quite a quandary. I'm torn between a Mazda CX-9 and a Volvo XC-90. I can get more for my money with a Mazda, but I loved the Volvo I used to have. I've driven both vehicles, and both are comfortable and smooth. I can get the Mazda for 0% financing with more bells and whistles than the Volvo. But again I think "I sure loved my old Volvo." What to do!!!!

"I Wear My Sunglasses At Night . . . "

Ben LOVES his sunglasses. And that's putting it mildly. He loves wearing them outside and inside. He is so cute. He'll push his glasses up on his head (like his mother) and say "look Mama." Love that boy. I love my Jacob, too. But he's too cool to wear his sunglasses for the impromptu photo shoot at the dinner table tonight.

I need to explain some of the pictures of Ben. It's hard to differentiate between his healing scabbed wounds and smeared homemade blackberry jam that he has on his face. He really isn't as beat up as he may appear.

Just Hangin' With Friends

Nothing new has happened for this update. My boys are still enjoying the weather and playing with their friends. Ben especially likes playing with the 2-year-old across the street while Jacob's in school. Thank goodness for friends.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh How I Love the Spring

We been fortunate to have some beautiful spring weather this past week. The boys have loved playing outside with friends and just being boys. I must say that I enjoy watching them. They have been riding scooters and bikes and enjoying every minute. I just hope this weather can stick around a little longer.

Today was also St. Patick's Day. Jacob made a cute little leprochan (I know I misspelled it) mask. How cute is this little guy. I so love you Jacob!

Ben, The Road Warrior (and the Road won!)

I've heard that there are just certain kids that are klutzes. And Ben is one of them. He is forever banging his head, scraping his knee -- pretty much anything that adds a bruise to his body.

Yesterday, he tripped himself on his tricycle. "How does one do that?" you may ask. Well, Ben found a way. And he got some nice road rash in the process. Of course, it would not have looked so bad had he not cried too hard, pass out, bonk his head again on the road, and then proceed to have a seizure. This kid will be the death of me!

Pickled Okra

Ben is a boy after his mother's heart. My sweet baby LOVES pickled okra. And "LOVE" is not an exaggeration. He devoured three of them a few days ago when we had grilled hamburgers.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slumber Party

We had a slumber party. The boys got to sleep on the pull-out sofa. They had a blast. Of course they ended up in my bed with Marty while I slept on the sofa bed. I guess I was coughing too much for them. Oh well. I still had a good night's sleep. I do love spending time with these little rugrats!

Spider Man

The boys got new power toothbrushes in the form of their favorite superhero -- Spider Man. They sure enjoy brushing their teeth now.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Got Milk? (or at least pear juice?)

Yea, it's official. I do have some pretty cute kids. Dinner was simple fare tonight. It consisted of homemade bread, cottage cheese, and home-bottled pears and peaches. My favorite. Soooo yummy.

Ben LOVES the pear and peach syrups left over in the bottles. And I must admit it is pretty tasty. However, Ben gulps the stuff down. Here are some photos of the boys being cute. I especially love the ones of Ben having a Mountain Dew moment with the pear juice. Enjoy!

I have to explain the pictures of Jacob and Ben giggling with their hands covering their mouths. It's a very UN-PC explanation. Just imagine a Japanese lady who is laughing while covering her mouth. And her laugh sounds like the little petite "he-he-he!" I know it's not proper to teach the kids, but they're just so cute doing it.