Monday, September 12, 2011

Adams Canyon Hike

Jacob, Ben, and I went on a hike Saturday. The boys were super excited to get their exercise in, go see the water, and have fun with Mommy. Marty stayed home. Oh well. He did dust and vacuum the house. I was pleasantly surprised that there were no complaints from the boys about the first half of the hike --- the hike UP. I thought for sure Jacob would have some weeping and wailing. They were both good sports. They each had their own backpacks and water bottles. They loved the little stream of water. And they especially loved the run all the way down the mountain! I can still hear squeals of delight. I love them!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ben's First Day of Preschool (aka Freedom Day for Mommy and Daddy)

Wow! It finally happened. Ben started Preschool today. My baby is a big boy now. He was beyond thrilled to go today. Marty and I walked him up the street to embark on a new adventure: formal learning! Here are the pictures honoring his big day. Notice that he rode his scooter to school. He even willingly wore his helmet; that's how excited he was!

 I love watching my kids grow. I love to watch them get excited for new experiences and to learn. I remember thinking when Jacob was a baby: "Just stay little. Stay a baby for a little while longer." I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy every age and stage my boys have lived. Even though Ben is my baby, I love watching him grow. I love his little lisp. I love his expressiveness. I love his energy. I love what a "boy" he is. He loves all things cars, sports, road construction, motorcycles. He loves life! What a wonderful gift to have.