Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"That's So Utah!"

This entry is dedicated to my sister Kim. Everything is so Utah according to her. Jenny had to work all weekend (if you want to call it "work" seeing as Jenny watched six movies while earning time-and-a-half), so Marty took the kids to decorate graves while I slept at home. He got some CUTE pictures of the kiddies for all to enjoy.

Jake came out of Sunbeams with the funniest glasses on. His teacher, Sister Coleman, taught a lesson about eyes. Again, we got some hilarious pics of Jake with his glasses on. Notice his entire ensemble: Spiderman shirt, Power Ranger pj bottoms, Spiderman snow boots on the wrong feet.

Jenny got to finally enjoy the weekend when we went to Granny Annie's for breakfast Monday. We thought of Kim as we inhaled the fattening delights! Again we got some pictures of the goodies. Yes Kim, it was so UTAH and so GOOD! Ben fell asleep just watching us.


kathie said...

Jake is hillarious! I am sure that the time when Cole will wnat to dress himself is not too far off! Looking at all that fried food makes me hungry!!

kim said...

Yes, that is so Utah and I really miss all my favorite eating spots (Navajo Tacos and homemade soup at Cougareat, Burger Supreme, Taco Time, that Italian joint on Center, the shakes at Stevenettes, and on and on). It's no wonder I was broke in college, I spent all my $ eating out. Ben looks like Jayce when she was that age.