Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mid Summer check in

Whenever I would hear people say time really flies, I don't think I fully understood the concept until this summer! Time is going so fast - summer is half over! Where did the time go?

Jodi and I ran another 5K last week (Farmington Festival Days) and it was fun. I saw some old friends and it was a lovely day for a run. We may do the Bountiful Handcart Days 5K this weekend - this little hobby is getting expensive what with all the entrance fees I have to pay.

After the race it was all about the parade. Jake loved it because the candy was coming faster than he could eat it and he got so sit by his favorite people in the world - Jordie and Jacie. Ben loved it because he got to sit in Grandpa Asay's lap the entire time. Again saw some old friends and planned to get with them before summer is over. Do you think it will happen? I hope so.

Sunday was a nice day - the weather is just perfect this summer - not too hot, but warm enough. I got with our neighbors at church and decided it was time to get our act together this summer. In years passed, we would all meet out in the cul-de-sac and bring out our Sunday goodies for everyone to share. We pulled off the first of the year Sunday, and it was nice to see everyone and let the kids work off the Sunday energy they build up from not being able to "play". Our situation is almost perfect here on the cul-de-sac.

Jodi called to see if we wanted to go boating Monday - Jenny was feeling lousy (bronchitis and sinus infection) so we said we would pass. Jake was crest-fallen, but then we called to see if he would be okay without us. He was, and as you can see, he is a thrill seeker. What a kid!


Cara said...

Marty Asay!!! You're a grown-up! How did you find my blog? Let me guess, blog surfing, America's new favorite sport?

I'm so happy we're 'Net connected, now I can totally stalk you and your cute little family.

Matt, Ginger, Molly, and Jaxon said...

I love to tube too, Jakey. My favorite part is when the driver of the boat whips you around real fast. It just sucks when you fly off and your suit goes right up your crack!