Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Utah State Fair

We decided to brave the elements (not weather related) and visit the Utah State Fair. It was actually quite fun, and the weather was perfect for fair fare.

I couldn't help but smile when I remembered my mom's foray into the fair with a simple cross-stitch. As we entered the building were the home-arts were on display, she began to laugh almost hysterically as we approached and noticed all these elaborate cross-stitch creations - and then noticed her little 8-inch square cross-stitch. She said she felt somewhat embarrassed because hers was so simple. But you know what? Grandma still has that cross-stitch hanging on her wall and LOVES it. That's all that matters - and my mom always knew that - even if it was the simplest design, she put forth the effort and was rewarded with a ribbon! That's the laughable part to me.

Anyway, after that little walk down memory lane...

Upon entering the fair, Jacob immediately noticed the BIG slide. "I want to go on that one!" was the cry of the day. Here's Jake and me on the big slide. He loves a good thrill.

After the slide adventures we hit the food section. With so many things to choose from - this is the hardest part of the fair to me - I could eat one of everything! We finally decided on the Pie Pizza and a BBQ brisket sandwich. For dessert we has onion rings and funnel cake. Aunt Kellie tried her hand at a deep-fried PB&J sandwich with twisted potatoes for her dessert. It sounds real healthy, doesn't it?

I think the coolest thing was the State of Utah Department of Wildlife Resources had a catch and release pond. They put on a little class about fishing, and then let the kids go at it. Check out Jake's catch!

Along with the all the other stuff to do and see, we couldn't pass up the requisite photo-op booth. Here's the two most handsome boys in Utah.

As we were leaving there was a free concert with the Veggie Tales. Jake was entranced by this, and so was the lady (grown woman I might add) who was singing and dancing literally in the aisles. She was more fun to watch than the show for Jenny and me. Jake took her lead and danced his heart out.

I didn't get a good shot of the dancing, because the sun peeked out of the clouds right at that moment, and the photo just turned out to be a blur. If you want details, just give us a call.


Matt, Ginger, Molly, and Jaxon said...

So fun! We went to the TX rodeo last year. It's pretty much just like a fair. They are always so fun! That slide looked awesome:)

Matt, Ginger, Molly, and Jaxon said...

Boo! Update your blog please! I love looking at pics of my sweet nephews! :)

Kelly David said...

Look at you guys! Awesome. That was so nice of Jake to hold Marty's hand on the way down. I would hate to have seen Marty stuck at the top.

Kelly D