Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jenny's Top Five

Ginger tagged me. I have to list my top five quirks. Marty had to give his input, because who knows you better than your eternal sweetheart? Here goes nothing:

1. I love to nap. I get Jake and Ben down for their afternoon naps, and I lay down for a little afternoon siesta. I LOVE it. It is definitely a Larson trait. Marty says he has never seen a family like to nap as much as we do. At least I have a partial excuse. I work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, and I get exhausted.

2. Whenever Marty and I go anywhere, I have to drive. I HATE being the passenger. I have to be the one in control of the speed and direction of the car, the music, and the climate of the car. Marty doesn't mind being chauffered around. And technically he's not supposed to drive in diminished light conditions due to his RP. On a totally different note, if you want a thrill ride, drive a volvo turbo XC 90; I miss mine so much. It kicks trash.

3. I have to throw out left overs that are older than 2 days, especially if it's meat. I just have this thing about old food in the fridge. If it's not eaten in two days, chances are it will become a petrie dish!

4. Along the lines of food, I cannot stand ice cream that has a chance to get ice crystals inside the carton. To me, it's a sign of freezer burn. YUCK!

5. Marty says I have a very wicked sense of humor. I must admit that I do come off with some real zingers. He always says "I never knew my little southern belle could be so naughty!" Oh well, it's in the genes. I take after my Aunt Lorsey. She is a whole other story. I will have to blog about her stories next time.

6. I know I only needed five, but I thought of one more all on my own. Marty will be so proud of me. I am quite embarassed to admit this, but I LOVE QVC!! I know, I know. I am not your stereotypical QVC fan (an 85-year-old woman named Mable living in Georgia!). You would not believe some of the neat things they have on there: Bare Minerals Makeup, this awesome Ojua shampoo and conditioner, a 52 inch SHARP LCD HDTV for only $1500, etc. I especially love it this time of year with all of the seasonal merchandise they show. I might have to go check their website before I finish this blog to see what Today's Special Value is!

Well, these are some of my quirks. Nothing too outlandish. But they definitely make me the wonderful, funloving, beautiful person I am proud of!

If you are reading this entry, you have to tell me what one of your quirks are in your comment.


Jennie said...

I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who likes to drive! Poor Ryan is always being carted around as well. Sometimes I let him drive, but it is rare. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Matt, Ginger, Molly, and Jaxon said...

Same here on the nap thing! Of course, I am a Larson:)