Sunday, December 21, 2008

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Actually, Marty won! He entered a drawing on one of our favorite blogs Seriously So Blessed. If you haven't read this blog, you need to. It is hilarious. Me telling you about it would not do it justice.

Anyway, Marty entered this drawing; there were multiple prizes to win. And guess who won the diamond necklace from Morgan Jewelers -- Marty!!!! Yea for Jenny (because I get to wear it)! I'll post a picture of it later. If you want to see it in the interim, click onto Seriously So Blessed to the right of my blog, and look at the December 12 post!


Jennie said...

No Way! I saw that the Asay family won and wondered if that was you guys! Way to go Marty. I also was the winner of one of her drawings last fall and won a cool basket with note pads and a watch. Merry Christmas guys! We can't wait to see the bling on your blog!

kim said...

I cannot believe it! There are always so many comments on that blog from people trying to win & you did it! Hopefully you'll get it before you come home for Christmas and we can all see it.