Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lagoon Fun

Yes it is time for me to catch up on blogging. We bought Lagoon season passes this year instead of Cherry Hill. We took the boys for the first time on Memorial Day. It was a lot of fun to see them grinning from ear to ear. We had so much fun. Jacob really wants to ride the "big person" roller coasters, but his is just a hair too short. Fortunately for Ben, Jacob has to ride the "little kids" rides. I think Jacob still had as much fun on the little rides as he would have on the other rides.

My favorite part was watching them giggle. Their is nothing for genuinely wonderful than to see what fun is through the eyes of my children. I just so love those boys.

We also went to Lagoona Beach, where I strictly banned picture taking. The water is SUPER frigid. It's so cold that it literally takes your breath away. Ben was shaking with blue lips after 15 minutes of water play. Yeah, that's cold.

Here are my beloved boys!


Matt, Ginger, Molly, and Jaxon said...

We can't wait to come have fun with y'all!!!! Just 2 more days:)