Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Annual Gingerbread House FHE 2009

We had our second annual Gingerbread House FHE last night. Jodi, Don, and the girls joined us again. Grandma and Grandpa Asay came also to try their hands in jolly designing. I think we all had fun. The adults did most/all of the constructing while the little darlings helped with the decorating. Of course, I think the kiddies ate two candies for every one that made it onto the houses. Thanks again to our friendly Costco for having the kits. There's no way I'm mixing, cutting, and baking all of those pieces. I tried my hand at that six years ago, and it's WAY too time consuming.
Of course, my favorite picture is the one of Ben pointing to his brain!


Matt, Ginger, Molly, and Jaxon said...

You're right, Jenny! The one of Ben pointing to his "brain" is the funniest. What a fun idea. that's it. I'm going to Costco tomorrow to buy a kit. that's our FHE for Monday. And one more thing... you look awesome! You go girl!!! I need to get my fat butt in gear.

kathie said...

I looked at the pics, and like Ginger am astounded at how awesome you look!!