Monday, January 25, 2010

Kid for Sale

Name: Ben
Age: 2
Date of Birth: November 7, 2007
Height: 2' 7"
Weight: 38 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond

Profession: Terrible Two
Education: Advance degree in tantrum throwing
Language ability: Beginner
Second Language: Not Set
Third Language: Not Set
Religion: Christian

Interests: Likes mess making, puddles, drag racing big wheels and Elmo.

We would never really put this kid for sale, but lately he has brought us awful close. Remember the seizure episode? I think it may have been Ben holding his breath. I have done some research and am finding that there is a holding breath syndrome that mimics seizure disorders. Anyway, he has had three additional episodes where he holds his breath when he cries. Two of these episodes were just this week! And on top of that, he has been sick for most of the month of January with everything - you name it, this kid has had it. Teething (molars), throwing up, fever, cough, runs, et. al...

This is a glimpse into the life of Ben...

These two shots were right after we discovered Ben's new favorite thing...emptying all the contents of his dresser! He also love to haul around his potty chair - use it? never. But he loves dragging it around the house.

We love when he sleeps, look how sweet, but come awake time, and you see why looks are so deceiving.

You've all seen the little drawings of a fairy princess that when you turn them upside-down they become an ugly ogre??? That's Ben. Sweet and pie one minute and hell on wheels the next. I hope we all survive the terrible twos!


Matt, Ginger, Molly, and Jaxon said...

Jenny, you are too funny! I got an idea, how about we trade Jaxon for Ben. Or better yet, we can sell them together as a BOGO free deal! Or.... just thought of this one. What if we flew them both out to NC to spend a couple weeks with mom and dad. That would be great! Love my kid too, but totally understand what you are saying right now. I know Kim feels that same with Larson. Funny!

Parr Four said...

Don't put him up for sale - just give him to me! I love that kid! If you put him on eBay, I'll be the highest bidder!