Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mama's Sweet Baby

Ben got his first and hopefully last set of ear tubes. Ben has had nonstop ear infections for over a year now. We finally got a referral from Ben's doctor to an ENT. If you are looking for a wonderful ENT, look no further than Dr. John Bitner with the Tanner Clinic. He is wonderful. His philosophy is similar to mine. He's liberal in practice. For example, I've heard "Don't get Ben's head wet" or "He can't go swimming," etc. Dr. Bitner said there are no water restrictions. The worst thing that can happen: Ben gets water in his ears. If his ears drain more than two days, put some ear drops in. Simple.

Any who. We had a WONDERFUL anesthesiologist, Dr./President Rush. He's the second counselor in our stake. He switched his schedule with one of his partners so he could come in today to take care of my sweet baby. Ben fell asleep in my arms in the pre-op room while waiting for Dr. Rush. I was able to carry Ben into the OR and hand him off to Dr. Rush. Ben opened his eyes and cried. Marty and I ran out there. We didn't stop running until we his the cafeteria. We were supposed to have thirty minutes of free babysitting, but we got paged overhead twenty minutes later. Oh well.

Needless to say, everything went well. Ben had massive infection in both ears that Dr. Bitner cleaned out. Poor baby. He just finished Augmentin one week ago. He got his tubes none too soon. To celebrate his quick recovery, I got Ben some chicken strips and french fries. He then was able to lay in my bed and watch his new favorite "Home Alone."

Here are the pictures of "Mama's Sweet Baby!"


Matt, Ginger, Molly, and Jaxon said...

Glad Ben is doing great! I love the picture of Ben eating his chicken strips and Marty peeing in the background:)

kathie said...

That is the first thing that I noticed too, Ging.... Marty peeing in the background. Too Funny!