Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm "Tree" Year Old

You read it correctly. Ben is "tree" years old now. He celebrated his birthday yesterday. I am so lucky to be his mother. He is such a delightful boy. I love how he will say out of the blue "Mom, I love you too!" He'll give me a hundred kiss; that's when he kisses me several times in a row. He thinks it's funny. I do too.

I love that he is such a good brother. He cannot wait until Jacob comes home from school every day. In fact, he will ask ALL THE TIME "when Jakey home?" At 3:30 pm, he waits at the front window to watch for Jacob's carpool to bring him home. Guess where Ben wants to go everyday for lunch? Jacob's school. He ADORES his big brother. I love you Ben. Thank you for letting me be your mother.


kim said...

Wow, what a birthday. I bet he loves his new orange racecar!

Jenny said...

Kim, that race car is from this spring. I just added the picture because he looked like Bob the Builder meets Army Ranger meets NASCAR driver.