Monday, August 22, 2011

The Second Grade

Today was Jacob's first day of the Second Grade. He was nervous yesterday. He said he was worried that no one would want to play with him, and that he would be bullied. My first thought was to just let it blow over: "Really? It's just the 2nd Grade" I thought. However, he seemed quite sincere in his worries. He asked Marty for a father's blessing. He also said a prayer last night, and prayed that he would have a fun year. When he woke this morning, he was all smiles and ready for a new school year. He said he felt good about his blessing and prayers. Wow! The faith of a seven year old. 

He was so excited this morning that he requested to ride his bike to school. I taught him how to use his bike lock last night. He was super excited about the lock and the key. I put on my running duds, grabbed my iPod, and left with Jacob on his bike and Ben on his scooter. And up the hill we went. And yes, it was uphill, and I am NOT exaggerating. Marty even came with us, but he walked. He said something about not wanting to sweat. Ha!

Jacob is in Miss Dixon's class. Miss Dixon is also in our ward. I taught her oldest daughter in YW. I am just tickled that Jacob is so happy for a new school year. 



The Anderson's said...

The boys are so big! That is so cute you all made the trek to walk Jake to school. good job on not sweating Marty!!