Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Fever

What a gorgeous day! Sunny, warm, perfect. Perfect for yard work. I took the plunge and started spring cleaning my yard. I trimmed the shrubs. I raked. I mowed. Ask me how many times I mowed today. I dare you. Four!!! Yes four. Why so many times? I mowed twice on the normal height setting to get the debris cleared from the grass. Then I trimmed the shrubs and raked up the trimmings. That made a mess on my freshly manicured lawn. So I lowered the lawn mower and mowed two more times. Gosh it felt good to get that done. Here are some pictures of the yard. However, pictures do not do it justice. Trust me. It looks so much better than before. I've included some pictures of my two favorite subjects. They enjoyed the perfect day also. They even helped me haul the refuse to the dump. What great guys!

Notice Ben's "road construction" vehicles. He is always ready and willing to help haul away debris. I love the last picture. My two loveable boys. They look as if they want to punch each other. I give up trying to take a loving picture of them together. Impossible. But they are mine forever. Love it!


larson family said...

I love it, too!!! Wow!! How do you have all the energy to do that? It looks great. We would love to have some Utah, cold weather. Won't be long now--two more weeks and we're heading to Hawaii. Hope to see you this summer. Love, MOM