Sunday, August 5, 2012


Why is it so hard to decide where to go for Summer Vacation? We narrowed our choices down to Jackson Hole and Huntington Beach, CA. California won. My sister and her family live there, the ocean is there, and Carlos's carnita taco shop is there. Food wins in my book every time. Yummy. If you are ever in Huntington Beach, go to Carlos's taco shop on 17th street, fill your tummy, then go to the nail place next door for your $10 pedicure. Heaven!

We left Utah on July 26. Jacob's 8th birthday. I know. Bad mom for making him wait for the festivities on the following day. But I struck a deal with him. We would stay the night in Primm Nevada at Buffalo Bill's so he could ridge the roller coaster. Okay. It was closed by the time we got there. The rooms were eh. But the breakfast was awesome (again the food factor). We ate at the Original Pancake House. I grew up going there in North Carolina. They have this pancake called the Dutch Baby. Just sprinkle powder sugar on it and squeeze fresh lemons on it. Sheer delight!

We got to Ginger's house at lunch time, ate sandwiches, and hit the beach. The kids had a blast. The weather was perfect. I did not brave the cold Pacific. I grew up on the Atlantic ocean which is the perfect temp. The Pacific -- not so much. Oh well. The kids got nice and tired after several hours. We got them cleaned up and headed to a local pizza place. Jacob had his favorite: Cheese pizza with Ranch dressing to dip.

Then it was cake and ice cream at the house. Ben blew out the candles before Jacob had a chance, so after I relighted them, it was time to chow!

 Notice Aunt Ginger putting her hand over Ben's mouth so he wouldn't blow out the candles again!. The cousins Molly and Jaxon were a lot of help too. They put the sprinkles on the cake. It was perfect.

I really enjoyed watching my kids and Ginger's kids play and just have fun. There is no sweeter sound than the laughter of children. Let kids be kids. Let them have a childhood. They grow up way too soon as it is. This is what life is about.