Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Corn Maze

I love my family. I love Marty. He is so good to let me sleep after working the night shift. Some tend to look at me like I have a 3rd eye when they hear that I am a working mother. Hey peeps! Don't knock it til you try it!! I am a registered nurse, and have been for just shy of sixteen years. The NCLEX-RN (national boards for RNs) is not an easy one. If I don't work, I lose my license, and I will not take boards again. At least I have a degree/skills in a discipline that is beneficial to my family, ward, and stake. How many CPR certifications have I done for YW and Scout camp? How many treks do I get asked to go on because of my profession. TONS. And I am glad to be able to help give of my time and talents. Okay. Off my soap box...

Marty. What a fabulous husband, friend, and father. He loves us and shows his love every day. He took the little darlings to the corn maze a few weeks ago over UEA. They had a blast. Here is the proof: