Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today Is Your Birthday, Shout "Hooray!"

Happy birthday to the most wonderful husband and best friend in the world. I love you Marty, and hope you had a wonderful number 37! It's been a wonderful ten years with you. I hope you had fun today. I love you and am so grateful you are in my life!

Marty woke up to ten inches of snow in celebration of his special day. After he cleared the driveway, I took Marty and the boys to Granny Annie's for birthday breakfast. It's a favorite of everyone in the Asay household.

He was then off to work. The boys and I made him a cake. We (i.e. JENNY) made homemade beef stew, his mom's yummy recipe. It cooked all day in the oven. I also made homemade wheat bread (including fresh-ground wheat) for the birthday dinner. After presents, yummy cake and ice cream were had by all. Enjoy the pictures. I snuck a few pictures in of Ben eating pistachios, his new favorite form of protein. I guess there are worse things he could prefer.


Jennie said...

Happy Birthday!!! 37! That is just plain crazy. I can remember when it was birthday #7. Where have the years gone - seriously.

We are gettin' old my friend. The funny thing is, 37 doesn't feel that bad. :)

I hope you had a great b-day. Dinner sounds yum-o! You'll have to post your mom's recipe. I'm always looking for tried and true recipes.

You're also lucky you have a wife who will make them. :)

Happy b-day!

Matt, Ginger, Molly, and Jaxon said...

Happy Birthday, Mart! I love the picture of you and the boys at breakfast. It's a good picture. You all look so happy. I love that place. Nothing better than a good birthday breakfast:)