Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Power Wheels Dune Buggy

I have been wanting to get the boys a Power Wheels vehicle for some time now. Toys R Us finally had a decent sale AND I had a $55 off coupon. We took the boys last Saturday to pick out the one they wanted. They had done their chores and treated each other kindly for oh two minutes, so we decided to reward them. They were able to choose the one they wanted. There was a John Deer 2-seater with a large cargo area in the back, a Jeep Hurricane, and a Ranger. They chose the Dune Buggy. Lucky for Marty and me, it was half the price of all the others. We were more than thrilled with their decision.

We decided to forgo the $25 assembly charge and put it together ourselves. Ha! What a laugh. After some tense moments and frustrated nerves, Marty, my sister Kellie and I unveiled our handiwork. The boys were more than a little disappointed when we told them they would have to let the battery charge for 24 hours. According to Jacob, "24 hours is longer than a week."

Exactly twenty-four hours later, the boys were in heaven. Of course the bliss only lasted one minute, because then they argued over whose turn it was to drive. I tell ya. Parents can never win.


Matt, Ginger, Molly, and Jaxon said...

kids look like they are having fun! you look great jenny!