Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sleeping Angel

We went to the public library yesterday. It's one of Ben's most favorite activities to do. He loves getting books about big machines, trucks, fire engines, snow blowers, etc.

He got three books yesterday. One about fire engines, one about helicopters, and one about garbge trucks. He laid on the couch last night and started "reading" his garbage trucks book. As I was watching TV with Marty, I didn't hear Ben "reading" anymore. This is what I saw:

He is my sweet angel straight from heaven. It's the simple and pure moments like this that I treasure as a mom. I love it!


larson family said...

Oh What A Lovely Sight!!! I know that you love to stay home for moments this sweet--how could you not! I always said that you kids were the prettiest, sweetest, and best when you were asleep. Such pretty boys and we surely love them! MOM & DAD

kathie said...

I love it when the kids are asleep. They are still and cute and I can get a break!

Ginger said...

I can only wish my kids would fall asleep reading. Well, Molly has once, but not Jax. Story time is their favorite part of their "going to bed" routine.