Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Fun (And Not So Much Fun)

We started the Summer off with a bang. We got Cherry Hill Season Passes this year. We get them every year, and we always LOVE it. We strayed from our routine a few years ago and got Lagoon passes. MISTAKE. The water at Lagoon is super frigid. The rules are ridiculous, and the crowds are nuts. I will admit that the rides were a hit with the kids. But I will never forget the chattering teeth and blue lips of Jacob and Ben when playing at Lagoona Beach. Super Duper Cold.

Cherry Hill is far superior at this stage of life for the boys. It has heated water. It boasts the Lazy River, the large swimming pool, Pirates Cove, the Water Slides, and Cardiac Canyon. Throw in the free parking, and not-so-white-trash atmosphere, and you have the perfect place to take a three-yr old and six-yr old. Perfect.

Here is the only picture I took of our first day at CH:

 The "not-so-much-fun" part of our Summer Vacay thus far is the six-month dental check ups the boys had just today. I went in thinking we were doing well getting these yuck-mouths pretty clean. I guess Marty and I are far from perfect dental parents. Jacob has a "new" cavity diagnosed today under his only existing filling. Gees kid, you're killing me.

Ben has THREE cavities. The dentist calls them "flossing cavities." Oops! Mom and Dad Asay are such slackers. Dr. Brown said Ben wouldn't have these small cavities if we had been diligent in flossing Ben's teeth. You're killing me Smalls! And before anyone asks, yes, all the cavities are in baby teeth. However, if left unfilled, they will continue to fester and cause even more problems down the road, not to mention potential pain for my kiddies. When I was asked if I wanted them to have white or silver fillings, I quickly replied "silver. Let's go cheap for teeth that will fall out anyway." I really wanted my boys to get 18K fillings. Nuttin' like gold toofs for some young bling! I also said Ben doesn't need sedation; he will do just fine with the happy gas. Again, I want to go cheap for baby teeth. If I have to lay on top of him to hold him still, I will. 

I also informed my little darlings that the Tooth Fairy does NOT leave any money for dirty teeth, or teeth with fillings. Again, cheap. I know. But it's this dang Obama economy. I've got to scrimp somewhere.

Here are some photos of the dental trip. I do love my boys, and they both look so darling in the pictures. Just imagine them with 'do-rags, gold teeth. W.C. is in da house!

 By the way, both boys chose cookie dough flavored toothpaste. Yuck. That's the red stuff the DA is putting on Ben's teeth. GROSS! Oh well, whatever makes them happy. I am, after all, a sucker for my kids!


Jer + Lu said...

You totally make me laugh! I am NOT a good dental parent either. My poor boys! I love the idea about the tooth fairy not leaving money for filled teeth. That might actually work!